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FreightQuiz is an innovative, reliable and cost effective skill assessment tool. Allowing any employer to quickly and without prejudice test a candidates skill level and general ability to fulfill a particular job specification. It offers a detailed set of reports that will assist in assessing a person’s specific job knowledge against a handpicked selection of questions.


FreightQuiz has been written by industry specialists. No two tests are the same and all questions are being continually reviewed and updated.


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How does it work?

  • Simply go on line and choose the test most appropriate to the job function.
  • The test is conducted either at the FreightQuiz office or on line.
  • Tailored enterprise testing available.
  • Results available instantaneously.


Why should you use FreightQuiz?

  • To determine a candidates current competency.
  • Allows targeted training to rectify skill gaps.
  • Helps prevent recruitment disasters and wasted fee’s.
  • Verifies candidates claims of competency
  • Non biased and economical
  • Optional link to industry salary bands


“So have YOUR candidates been QUIZZED?”


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